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Ameren and Google Offer Smart Thermostats to Qualifying Customers

Ameren has announced an energy-saving plan to qualifying customers to receive free smart thermostats. Courtesy of a partnership between Google and Ameren Illinois, now through the end of 2022, individuals or families can get a free Google Nest Thermostat.

Residents may also qualify for free installation through the Ameren Illinois Smart Savers Initiative.

The goal of this special offer is to help reduce costs that go into heating and cooling homes, as well as managing the overall amount of energy usage.

A unique feature of the Nest Thermostat is it can detect when customers are home and will adjust temperature accordingly. Also, customers can easily program everything from their smart phones.

Customer eligibility includes being a current Ameren Illinois electric or gas residential delivery customer, the primary heating source must be supported by an Ameren Illinois fuel, natural gas or electric, and customers must have in-home Wi-Fi. Another stipulation is making sure it is compatible with the home’s HVAC system.

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