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Assistance and Tax Information Available for Local Veterans

The Sangamon County Veterans Assistance Commission has shared a number of tax benefits and helpful information that is available to veterans when filing their 2022 taxes. These benefits are designed to help veterans and their families save money and reduce the financial burden of their military service.

Veterans may be eligible for a number of tax credits and deductions, including Federal tax exclusions, State tax benefits, and AARP-Tax Aide. These benefits can provide substantial savings for eligible veterans, reducing their tax burden and helping them to make ends meet.

"We are committed to supporting the brave men and women who have served our country”, said County Board Member Jeff Thomas. "We encourage veterans and their families to explore all of the benefits available to them and to take advantage of the resources available through the Veterans Assistance Commission of Sangamon County."

To qualify for these benefits, veterans must have served in the military and must have received a disability award from the Veterans Assistance Commission of Sangamon County. Additionally, veterans may be eligible for other tax benefits, such as the children's fitness tax credit and the children's arts tax credit, which can help families offset the cost of participating in sports and arts programs.

Additional information on the tax benefits available to veterans and their families can be found on the Veterans Assistance Commission of Sangamon County website at


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