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Back to School Safety

As summer comes to an end and the academic routine resumes, ensuring the safety of students during their daily commutes becomes important. Equipping children with essential safety guidelines is crucial for their well-being throughout the school year.

Pedestrian Safety:

Walk Wisely: Familiarize your child with the walking route to school.

Stay on Sidewalks: If available, use sidewalks; if not, walk facing oncoming traffic.

Crossing Streets: Prior to crossing, look left, right, left again for approaching vehicles.

Eye Contact: Ensure eye contact with drivers before crossing, use crosswalks or intersections.

Stay Focused: Avoid distractions while walking.

Bike Safety:

Route Familiarization: Practice the bike route to school.

Road Positioning: Ride on the right side of the road, single file, following traffic rules.

Crossing Caution: Stop before crossing, walk bikes across intersections.

Stay Vigilant: Stay alert and focused while riding.

Helmet and Visibility: Always wear a well-fitted helmet and bright clothing.

Bus Safety:

Bus Stop Etiquette:

Accompany your child to teach safe boarding and disembarking.

Maintain Distance: Stand at least 6 feet from the curb.

Street Crossing: If crossing, walk on the road's side until 10 feet ahead of the bus.

Visibility: Ensure mutual visibility between child and bus driver.

Prioritizing these practical safety measures will help ensure a secure and healthy school year for all students.


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