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“President Biden’s open border policies continue to have a deadly impact on the Black community not only from a socio-economic standpoint, but also from a health standpoint – with Black Americans dying at an alarming rate from drugs like fentanyl pouring over our southern border.” -Paris Dennard, RNC National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs

Biden's Border Policies Are Killing Black Americans

President Joe Biden’s open border policies are contributing to Black Americans dying because of fentanyl

  • Illicit drugs are flowing into the country at an alarming rate, with thousands of pounds of deadly fentanyl and methamphetamine being seized at the southern border.

  • Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45.

    • Pew Research reported on the Black men dying of drug overdoses saying “the death rate among Black men has more than tripled – rising 213% – while rates among men in every other major racial or ethnic group have increased at a slower pace.”

  • Rather than acknowledge the massive surge in fentanyl smuggling, the Biden White House has brushed it off as evidence the administration has “stop[ed] fentanyl trafficking.”

    • Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says “If they're seizing a lot, it's because a lot is coming in.”

According to NPR, drug overdose rates amongst Black Americans surpassed overdose rates of white Americans.

  • Dr. Helena Hansen says that Black Americans are more likely to be exposed to Fentanyl.

    • Addiction researcher at UCLA, Joseph Friedman, says “the biggest factor leading to dramatically higher overdose deaths among Black people with substance use disorder is pretty simple: ‘The illicit drug supply, the street drug supply, is becoming more and more toxic.’”

  • In 2021, the fatal drug overdose rate reached over 100,000 for all Americans.

Bottom Line: Biden’s terrible border security policies have become incredibly dangerous and deadly for millions of Americans. Democrat policies are not working,and their soft-on-crime and border polices will be a driving factor for millions of Americans to vote them out of power come November.


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