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Board of Education Seeks Applicants for Tutoring Initiative

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is seeking applicants to become tutors for its Illinois Tutoring Initiative. The program trains and matches tutors in Illinois’ highest-need school districts.

Currently, 1,270 students across 45 different school districts are using the program. Another 27 school districts have received grant funds to design and implement their own local programs, which will reach up as many as another 2,000 students.

Tutors are needed across the state to support students in grades 3-8 in literacy and math (in-person) and high school in math (online). Tutors must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be willing to meet with students for three sessions per week for eight to 14 weeks. Tutors are paid hourly with a rate of $50 per hour.

Those persons interested in becoming a tutor should apply to the Institutional Partner Office in the region where they would like to apply to tutor. To view a map of the regions, visit There is no deadline to apply, and tutors can apply on an ongoing basis.


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