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BOS Center Expansion Plans Move Forward

The Sangamon County Board held a public hearing Tuesday night on the possibility of establishing a Tourism District. The new district would allow local hotels and motels to increase their fees to contribute to a $100 million expansion project for the BOS Center in downtown Springfield.

Sangamon County hotels are considering raising their fees by anywhere from 0% to 5% to cover the expenses associated with the BOS Center expansion.

The proposal garnered unanimous approval from the Sangamon County Board.

Andy Van Meter, Chairman of the Sangamon County Board, says there is significant support for the project from local leaders in Sangamon County. Now, a study will assess the feasibility and benefits for our residents.

The study will determine the specific rate and evaluate whether it aligns with the best interests of hotels to contribute to the expansion. Officials say that county residents' taxes will not be increased to fund the expansion.

Darin Dame, President of Springfield Hotel Lodging, highlighted the potential positive impact of expanding the BOS Center on tourism in Downtown Springfield. The expanded facility would accommodate more conventions and help avoid scheduling conflicts with concerts.

Given the estimated $100 million cost, SMEAA Board Chairman and State Representative Mike Coffey intends to advocate for a grant at the Statehouse.


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