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Brady Calls on Giannoulias to Release Tax Returns

Twelve years after getting rejected by Illinois voters after his scandal-ridden Senate run, Alexi Giannoulias has spent much of his campaign & reclamation project hiding from Illinois voters. This week, his Republican opponent for Secretary of State Dan Brady released an income tax summary from the past two years and called on Giannoulias to do the same.

“Alexi Giannoulias’ record continues to follow him. His history of fiscal mismanagement as State Treasurer and family bank’s loans to mobsters when he was senior loan officer should worry Illinois voters at the prospect of putting him in charge of our state’s largest office,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. “With such a checkered past, Giannoulias should follow his opponent’s lead and release his taxes.”

As State Treasurer, Giannoulias’ mismanagement of Illinois’ college loans savings programs, caused families to lose millions. When he was Senior Loan Officer, Giannoulias’ family bank loaned millions of dollars to mobsters. Later, the bank was seized by federal regulators.

“His lack of transparency is the latest in a long line of reasons why Illinois voters should not trust Giannoulias for higher office,” said Tracy.


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