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Budzinski’s ‘Energy Independence’ Hypocrisy Exposed

After helping kill the Keystone Pipeline, Budzinski now campaigning on ‘energy independence’

Given the latest global events surrounding a murderous tyrant in Russia – who America buys oil from – invading another sovereign country in Ukraine, it’s not surprising that the anointed Democrat candidate in Illinois’ 13th congressional district has made the political calculus to campaign on American energy independence.

Candidate Nikki Budzinki makes a pledge on her website to reduce “our dependence on foreign energy from unstable regimes around the world.”

There’s just one problem for Budzinski – in her former role within President Joe Biden’s administration, Budzinzki led the implementation of Biden’s executive order canceling the Keystone Pipeline which would have directly aided in America becoming less dependent on oil from “unstable regimes around the world.” The pipeline would have carried hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil every day from Canada into the United States... Oops.


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