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Budzinski Urges Swift Action on Bipartisan Farm Bill

Congresswoman Nikki Budzinski (IL-13) has taken a strong stance in support of passing a bipartisan farm bill this year, emphasizing the urgent need to prioritize this critical legislation. In an op-ed published on Fox News titled "It's Time To Get Serious About Passing a Bipartisan Farm Bill," Budzinski called on her colleagues from both sides of the aisle to set aside partisan politics and focus on renewing the programs that farmers and families across the nation rely on daily.

Highlighting the potential consequences of delays, Budzinski expressed concern over rumors circulating in Congress that the bill might be pushed to 2024, accompanied by temporary program extensions. Such a scenario would introduce unprecedented uncertainty for hardworking farmers facing the challenges of weather and climate volatility, as well as families struggling with soaring food prices.

In response to the urgent need for action, Budzinski launched the "Farm Bill 101" initiative. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the bill's significance to the communities she represents in Central and Southern Illinois. As a member of the House Committee on Agriculture and its subcommittees focused on commodity exchanges, rural development, and agricultural research, Budzinski says she is well-positioned to advocate for the bill's passage.

Congresswoman Budzinski urged her colleagues, irrespective of party affiliation, to recognize the importance of the farm bill. She called for a bipartisan approach that ensures access to affordable food, provides a safety net for farmers, invests in research and development, and delivers essential resources to rural communities. By prioritizing this legislation, Congress can demonstrate its commitment to supporting American farmers and strengthening the nation's agricultural sector.

Read Congresswoman Budzinski's op-ed on Fox News here


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