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Buscher Names Donelan Mayor Pro Tem

Springfield Mayor Misty Buscher has named Ward 9 Alderman James R. Donelan Mayor Pro Tem.

The role of a pro tem is to fill in on any mayoral duties of the mayor if she cannot do so, including city council meetings or other terms of business.

"Alderman Donelan is an exceptional leader who has over 20 years of experience working with cities and other local governments throughout the State of Illinois." Buscher said , "By appointing Alderman Donelan to this position, we can ensure the City Council will continue to function effectively as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to serving the citizens of Springfield."

Alderman Donelan has worked with cities, counties, townships, school districts, and other local governments throughout the State of Illinois. He is presently the Associate Director of the Township Officials of Illinois Risk Management Association (TOIRMA). Prior to joining TOIRMA, Mr. Donelan served as Executive Assistant to Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin.

Mr. Donelan graduated from Illinois State University with majors in Finance and Business Administration and has completed graduate work at the University of Illinois-Springfield.


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