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Buscher Proposes Revitalization of Beach House

Misty Buscher, candidate for Springfield Mayor, has proposed a plan to revitalize the Lake Springfield Beach House, which has been mostly unused for several years. The drawings for this plan were orchestrated entirely by Buscher without the use of any city finances.

With options for food and games, Buscher's plan aims to improve the beach house's recreational activities. In order to establish an outside food court, this strategy calls for leasing the building to a vendor who will provide food trucks, picnic tables with umbrellas, casual seating areas, and liquid refreshments. Buscher also wants bocce ball courts, a game area for "bag" games, a playground, and a small stage for outdoor entertainment.

“Our beach house is an impressive stone building located on a beautiful setting and yet it sits empty on most days,” Buscher said.

Buscher's plan has garnered support from many residents who believe that the beach house has the potential to become a popular attraction in the city. They also appreciate that Buscher's plan does not rely on city finances.

Buscher believes that her plan will benefit the city by providing an attractive location for locals and tourists to enjoy. She also believes that it will create job opportunities for local vendors who will lease the building.


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