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Businesses Struggle to Survive with Shrinking Workforce

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization, today released the latest video in a series featuring small business owners explaining how Washington’s proposed tax increases would hurt their ability to operate, survive, and thrive.

The video series “In Their Own Words” features small businesses from across the country and is part of NFIB’s Small Business Survival campaign, a coordinated advocacy effort that highlights why tax increases would be harmful to America’s small businesses.

The latest video in the series features NFIB member Christian Marsh of Quality Machine Co., Inc. in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Quality Machine Company is a family business started by Marsh’s grandfather and father. The company is tied to the energy sector.

Marsh explains: “We have benefited by the pass-through deduction and that really helped us survive…these last few years have been very tough. We had the kind of decline of oil and gas and then immediately following we had the pandemic. Right now, we have about one-third less workforce than we had four years ago. That’s a huge decline for us and that also shows in our gross sales and everything else. We would hate to see the pass-through deduction be taken away, not become permanent…that would be awful. It’s considered a tax on our net profit, but you know, this is not money that we’re stuffing under the mattress. This is money we’re using to survive and like I said, we’re surviving at a far less workforce…smaller gross volume of business as well. I think that would be adding insult to injury to take that deduction at this point with the current economic conditions.”


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