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Cancer Center Seeks Volunteers to Greet Patients

For a patient undergoing cancer care, a friendly greeting can make all the difference in their day. SIU Medicine's team of surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, genetic counselors, therapists, nurses and medical staff are seeking volunteers for an important role at Simmons Cancer Institute (SCI). They would like to have more friendly faces at the front desk to greet visitors and make them feel welcome.

No experience is needed to serve as a front desk greeter other than the desire to assist people — offering support by opening a wheelchair or directing a guest to the courtesy coffee or a specific clinic. Shifts are flexible, typically four hours in the morning or afternoon.

“Volunteering provides an opportunity to grow our community, meet a new friend and build partnerships together,” said SCI Director Aziz Khan, MD. “Research has found that volunteering contributes to physical and mental health among adults, age 60 and over. It’s wonderful to know this position provides benefits to the people on both sides of the desk.”

Staff may also learn new skills while at SCI. Classes are offered to patients, caregivers, staff and the community in yoga, tai chi, qigong, and Pilates. They may also enjoy Art as Therapy, Music as Therapy and other wellness programs.

Front desk volunteers are vital to SCI’s mission, said Khan. “We want our patients to feel welcome and protected during their visits. We hope you can be part of it.”


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