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Chatham Police Warn of Credit Card Skimmers

The Chatham Police Department is warning residents and visitors in the area about credit card scammers who may be attempting to steal their personal information at local gas pumps.

On Monday, law enforcement received reports of credit card skimmers attached to two gas pumps at a Shell gas station located at 343 North Main Street. These devices are used to collect credit card numbers that can later be used to make fraudulent purchases. The skimmers were removed from the pumps and taken as evidence, with an investigation ongoing.

Credit card skimmers are not easy to detect, but officials offer a few tips to remain vigilant when using gas pumps. Individuals are encouraged to make sure the gas pump is intact on both sides and check if the security tape is torn or cut before filling up. Officials also recommend that people not use PIN numbers when filling up, use cash or pay with a debit card inside the adjoining convenience store, or use a gas card. If a pump appears to be tampered with, individuals should inform a clerk and not use the pump.


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