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Child Care Facility Honors Infant’s Memory

Springfield residents, Linda Vala and Wanda Corn, have contributed a gift of $125,000 to honor their late brother, James Dennis "Buddy” Corn, Jr., at the newly opened Memorial Child Care facility. The commemorative plaque outside the infant classrooms pays tribute to Buddy, who tragically passed away in infancy in 1951.

Wanda Corn expressed that supporting Memorial Child Care was a perfect way to cherish their brother's memory while ensuring that infants in the community receive the best possible care. The new state-of-the-art facility, situated on Miller Street, boasts a significantly larger area than its predecessor, allowing it to cater to more children from Memorial Health employees.

The facility includes modern playgrounds and ample space for social and emotional learning activities. Melissa Hansen Schmadeke, the executive director of Springfield Memorial Foundation, emphasized that the project goes beyond mere construction, ensuring that colleagues have peace of mind while caring for the community, knowing their children are well cared for.

The endeavor was made possible through the generosity of various donors, including Linda and Wanda, John and Shawn Faloon, the Levi family, the Pecori family, Charles and Melissa Schmadeke, Rob and Dr. Julie Pietroburgo, and O’Shea Builders.


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