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Coffey Applauds Youth Apprenticeship Program

Illinois has emerged as a trailblazer in offering high school students diverse career avenues through its youth apprenticeship programs. These initiatives equip students with the choice to directly enter the workforce after graduation or to pursue higher education while building valuable skills.

The apprenticeship model, known as 'learn and earn,' melds practical on-the-job training with relevant classroom instruction. This dual approach empowers apprentices to learn and apply skills under supervision, earning them industry-recognized credentials upon program completion.

The primary goal of these apprenticeships is to furnish students with specialized skills aligned with industry demands. Many employers even hire program graduates on a full-time basis, covering further training and certifications. A pivotal advantage of this approach is enabling students to embark on promising careers without shouldering substantial college debts.

Beyond the traditional realms of construction and trade, apprenticeship programs now span healthcare, IT, advanced manufacturing, finance, and logistics. Illinois champions several apprenticeship types, including Youth Apprenticeship, with notable names like I-WIN, AASA, PAYA, and Apprenticeship USA.

Illustrating the success, the Capital Area Career Center in Springfield has rebounded, now enrolling over 850 students and expanding programs in IT, medical industries, engineering, and more.

“CACC is one of the seven charter career centers in the state of Illinois and dates back to 1966,” stated Rep. Mike Coffey (R-Springfield). “Hundreds of students benefit from the training they receive there every year. The critical, on-the-job skills students are learning at CACC will serve them for the rest of their lives and help them earn a great living in a field they desire.”


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