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Rep. Coffey, Retail Merchants Association Oppose Proposed Wage Law

A new law proposed in Illinois would change wages for tipped workers across the state. Under the new law, the minimum wage would be mandated, forcing restaurants to restructure their operations. State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) joined business leaders and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA) to oppose the legislation, saying it would negatively impact employees and business owners.

“This legislation would cause turmoil in the service industry, causing job creators to cut good-paying positions and putting these businesses at risk of closure,” Rep. Coffey said. “Ultimately, consumers who are already feeling the higher cost of living in this state will have to pay more to offset the higher labor costs.”

House Bill 5345 amends the minimum wage law and would require all businesses that currently employ tipped workers to compensate employees at $15 an hour, beginning in 2025. The legislation has so far failed to attract key support, as the witness slips filed on this bill show 564 opponents and just 37 proponents.

Rep. Coffey continued, “As I’ve traveled the district, employees who have excelled at providing service to residents have asked me to stand up and fight against this bill. They are concerned their take-home pay will decrease and businesses will close their doors. We must do everything possible to encourage businesses in this state to grow and not saddle them with additional burdens.” 


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