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City Approves Annual Budget and Water Rate Increase

Springfield City Council unanimously passed the annual budget to provide city residents with critical services and fund departments, including police, fire, and public works. 

Mayor Misty Buscher and the City Council prioritized public safety, allocating funds for new firehouses and hiring 21 more firefighters and 16 additional police officers. The budget also covers police department salary increases that were previously approved.

Detailed budget reports, presentations, and all recorded meetings from the budget process are available on the City Clerk's Website. 


In a 7-3 vote, the council also approved a 32% water rate increase, effective March 1st, with another 32% increase scheduled for next year. This decision, while contentious, was deemed necessary by leaders to address pressing infrastructure needs and rising operational costs within the city's municipally owned utility, CWLP.

City officials emphasized that these increases are imperative to meet various obligations, including compliance with lead service line mandates, the replacement of aging water mains, dredging operations in Lake Springfield, and covering escalating chemical costs.

The budget is effective March 1st. 


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