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County Board Places Moratorium on CO2 Pipelines

The Sangamon County Board approved a moratorium on CO2 Pipelines at Tuesday's County Board Meeting.

The County feels that a moratorium is justified given unresolved issues involving public health and safety concerns, continued research on zoning guidelines, potential impacts, and remedies to the county highway system, and proposed changes in state law.

Sangamon County had previously filed a Petition to Intervene, joining several local governments across Illinois and Iowa.

Sangamon County Chairman Andy Van Meter said, "The County understands that ultimately it may be determined, either through continued ongoing legal research, a ruling from a court of law, an ICC ruling or a change in state law, that it has no role in regulating the Navigator pipeline. Regardless, the County feels that it is taking the responsible and reasonable approach it is allowed to do so at this time on this important project, especially given ongoing questions and concerns."

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