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County Clerk's Office Seeks Election Judges

The Sangamon County Clerk's Office is looking for election judges for both early voting and election day on April 4th. Interested individuals can earn $200 per day for serving as an election judge at a polling place on election day.

The County Clerk's Office is calling on residents who are interested in working as an Election Judge to contact 217-753-8683 or submit an application on the County Clerk's website at

Becoming an election judge is a unique opportunity to serve your community and support the democratic process. Election judges play a critical role in ensuring that elections are conducted smoothly and fairly.

"Election judges are an essential part of our democratic process, and serving as one is a wonderful way to give back to your community," said Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray. "By becoming an election judge, you can help ensure that our elections are conducted fairly and accurately, and that every voter can exercise their right to vote."


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