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County Clerk Sends Mandated Vote by Mail Applications

As mandated by the Statehouse in June of 2021, County Clerk Don Gray has mailed a paper application postcard to all registered voters of Sangamon County to officially sign up for Permanent Vote by Mail status in advance of the April 4th Sangamon County Consolidated Election.

Upon receipt of the Permanent Vote by Mail application by the Sangamon County Election Office, registered voters will receive a ballot by mail for all future elections. Voters can decide whether they’d like to receive ballots for all elections, including partisan Primary Elections, or if they’d prefer only mail ballots for General Elections, which do not require a party designation. Any change of address or name requires the Permanent Vote by Mail voter to re-apply for Permanent Vote by Mail status.

The application is optional and is not required to be filled out and returned. If a voter would like to be on the Permanent Vote by Mail list, they need to complete the application postcard. Either mail or hand deliver it to the Election Office or submit an online application via the County Clerk’s website at and click on the link, “Permanent Vote By Mail Application,” which is in the Sangamon County Clerk News box.

“Pre-election day voter services continue to evolve as a continued convenience to voters, the opportunity for voters to be placed on a Permanent Vote by Mail list is an additional service to increase voter participation while maintaining the security and integrity of the process,” said Clerk Gray. “Regardless of your preferred manner to cast a ballot, voters are encouraged to cast a ballot and vote in the upcoming April 4th Consolidated Election!”


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