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County Correctional Officer Honored for Heroic Actions

In May 2023, Sangamon County Jail staff responded to an inmate in distress inside the jail. Sangamon County Correctional Officer Tom Ansell assisted medical responders in administering naloxone (Narcan) to help reverse an overdose. These individuals saved the victim’s life.

According to the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, Drug/alcohol overdose is the third leading cause of death in jails; Sheriff Jack Campbell’s targeted training on responding to a medical emergency within the jail is the foundation for the heroic actions of these individuals. Officer Ansell performed an exceptional act under emergency conditions, and the action rendered directly resulted in sustaining a human life.

Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. presented Officer Ansell its Overdose Revival Award for successfully preventing an individual from dying from an overdose.

The Overdose Revival Award is one of the most prestigious lifesaving awards that is given to officers.


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