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County, Local Grocers Offer Aid to Storm-Impacted Residents

In the aftermath of the devastating storms and power outages that hit the community, Sangamon County, in collaboration with local grocery stores, unveiled an initiative to provide assistance to up to 2,000 eligible households through the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program.

The initiative offers replacement food boxes to eligible County residents, each valued at $100, to help replenish perishable items that were lost during the storms.

Lori Williams, Vice Chair of the Sangamon County Board, expressed the significance of community support during times of crisis, "During times of crisis, it's essential that we come together as a community to support those in need. This food replacement program will provide much-needed assistance to our fellow residents and help them recover from the recent challenges."

To ensure that this aid reaches as many households as possible, Sangamon County has partnered with multiple Springfield grocery stores, including Ruler Foods, Humphrey's Market, and HyVee.

Officials say the stores’ commitment to serving the community has played a crucial role in expanding the program's reach. County Board Member Brad Miller said, “These local businesses employ our neighbors, friends, and family members. With their generosity and help from Sangamon County, this program will provide assistance to our citizens who are in need.”

Starting August 3rd, the Community Resources Office at 2833 S Grand Ave E, will be accepting applications and registering eligible Sangamon County residents for the food boxes until all vouchers have been claimed. Applicants will need to verify their residency, specify the power outage duration, confirm their household income, and meet certain eligibility criteria.


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