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Durkin Calls on DCFS Director to Resign

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin called on DCFS Director Marc Smith to resign after it was recently revealed that he had been held in contempt for a ninth time for failing to protect Illinois’ children in care.

“Unfortunately, contempt of court orders against DCFS have become business as usual for the Pritzker administration", Leader Dirken said, " Governor Pritzker clearly isn’t bothered by a ninth contempt of court charge against DCFS Director Marc Smith and has done nothing about it – that is simply unacceptable. The Governor has had three and a half years to get this agency under control – he owns this ongoing tragedy. Since the Governor has failed to take action, I call on Director Smith to resign for the good of the children in this state who depend on DCFS."

After waiting months to push out former veterans affairs chief Linda Chapa LaVia because of her negligence in protecting our veterans at LaSalle Veterans Home, and his ongoing public support of Smith, we must wonder if the Governor is committed to protecting our state's most vulnerable populations.


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