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EMS Worker Granted Pretrial Release

EMS worker Peter Cadigan, who stands accused of first-degree murder in connection with the death of Earl Moore Jr., is set to be released from the Sangamon County Jail on Tuesday.

Cadigan's legal team filed a motion for Pretrial Release on the same day that the no cash bail law came into effect on September 18.

The Judge in the case granted this motion on Monday, clearing the way for Cadigan's release from the Sangamon County Jail.

As part of his bond conditions, he must attend court hearings and is prohibited from working as an EMS personnel.

Both Peter Cadigan and his codefendant, Peggy Finley, have been released from jail. In June, Finley had her bond reduced to $600,000 and was able to post 10% of the bond.

In December 2022, Cadigan and his colleague, Peggy Finley, responded to an EMS call to assist Moore. Video footage from cameras worn by Springfield Police officers who were also at the scene revealed Cadigan and Finley securing Moore in a prone position (face-down) on a stretcher. Moore was then transported to HSHS St. John's, where he passed away in the emergency room at 3:14 a.m. on December 18th. An autopsy revealed that his death was the result of compressional and positional asphyxia due to a face-down restraint.

Cadigan and Finley are currently facing first-degree murder charges; Both are scheduled to appear in court again in November.


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