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Energy Providers Warn of Door-to-Door Scams

Illinois energy providers are warning customers to beware of a new door-to-door scam that involves imposters claiming to work for their energy provider, who want to steal personal information, financial information, or even people’s belongings. The Better Business Bureau has received complaints from consumers who claim scammers approached their home or business posing as an energy company or tree service company. The scammer then attempts to lure the resident or business owner outside to discuss work the imposter claims needs to be done. While the individual is outside, an accomplice will enter the home or business and steal valuables and documents that contain personal or financial information. Others have gone to homes and asked for a recent utility bill with a goal of stealing personal information or switching the owner’s energy supplier without permission. Still others are calling consumers and trying to get personal or financial information over the phone. Energy providers will never call or come to a home or business and demand immediate payment with a prepaid cash card, cryptocurrency, or through a third-party payment app, and will never ask a consumer to divulge personal or financial information. The Better Business Bureau encourages anyone who is the target of a scam to report it to the BBB Scamtracker ( and to contact their utility provider immediately.


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