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Frerichs Avoids Answering Tough Questions

When State Treasurer Mike Frerichs claims to stand tall, he never mentions that he will go to any length to avoid answering the tough questions. Yesterday, he used a question from a reporter as an opportunity to lob baseless allegations at his opponent, Deputy Minority Leader Tom Demmer.

“Today the Demmer Campaign tried to interrupt a press conference I had highlighting how we help people with disabilities have meaningful work.”

The Demmer campaign quickly refuted the baseless allegations by Frerichs, “‘Earlier today, Mike Frerichs accused my campaign of attempting to interrupt a press conference he called to discuss the ABLE Program. That accusation is absolutely false. In reality, he yelled at a news reporter after the press conference when he received a question he didn’t like,” said Demmer in a statement.

The statement continued, “To make the unfounded accusation that I would disrupt a press conference dealing with this important issue is despicable but is a consistent pattern of Treasurer Frerichs. He abruptly canceled his own press conference after his comments in support of the retirement tax and then called the Daily Herald and Todd Maisch liars for confirming those comments.”

“Frerichs has spent months dodging tough questions when pressed on his past statements. To make up baseless allegations of this sort is a new low. With early voting underway, Frerichs should spend less time hiding from voters and blaming others, and start answering tough questions on his record,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.


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