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Governor’s Actions Resulted in Mask Mandate Chaos

“Unnecessary chaos. Those are the only words that can describe what our schools, parents, and students have been subjected to as a result of the Governor’s continued insistence on ending his statewide mask mandate only on his own terms.

Governor Pritzker has spent the last 2 years with complete control over state policy, bypassing the legislature and local officials. It’s time for that to end. There is enough information and evidence out there for communities and families to make the best decision that works for them.

Pritzker’s administration cannot continue to subject Illinois students statewide to crisis conditions anymore. Most other states have made the wise, scientifically backed move to return to local control. Illinois needs to follow suit. Parents and local school officials are best equipped to understand and meet the needs of individual students.

And finally, where there is disagreement on this issue there cannot also be vitriol. Our kids have learned from us and are needlessly reacting with fear or anger. We all need to take a proverbial deep breath and respect one another’s personal choices as we move on as a state.”


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