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Growing Concern Over Energy Prices

Downstate Illinois lawmakers worry energy prices for the power grid will continue to rise as Illinois closes more power plants, leading to more headaches for Ameren customers.

Although, the Clean Energy Jobs Act didn’t automatically close coal and natural gas plants. Those closures will gradually happen over time, but central and southern Illinois customers are already facing the possibility of brownouts.

As an energy importer, the state relies on power from Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri to power downstate Illinois. Rep. Tim Butler (R-Springfield) says this is due to the Pritzker administration pushing to close power plants in Illinois communities.

“We shouldn’t have to go other states and the governor shouldn’t blame other states,” Butler said. “He should be looking internally at the policies and really what’s happened over the last couple of decades here in Illinois to force the closure of these plants.” […]

Still, Butler wants to see a solution as soon as possible and would like to see lawmakers back in Springfield for a special session.

“And let’s repeal the billion dollars in pork projects that the Democrats gave themselves in this budget and put some of that money may be to helping energy assistance for people,” Butler said. “I think that’s a great idea.”


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