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Hamilton Returns More Than $67K to Illinois General Fund

State Representative Sandy Hamilton (R-Springfield) announced today that she is returning $67,305.24 of her allotted district operations budget back to the Illinois General Fund. Appointed in December to fill a vacancy for the 99th House District, Rep. Hamilton made good on her promise to set an example on fiscal responsibility using taxpayer dollars.

“I appreciate the hard work of my legislative staff to be efficient and frugal on running the Springfield office,” said Rep. Sandy Hamilton, a member of the State Government Administration Committee and two Appropriations Committees. “I have been able to partner with other State Representatives and State Senators to host joint town hall meetings for our constituents and share the costs to save money. I challenge all members of the General Assembly to lead by example especially during these hard economic times with high inflation, high property taxes, high utility costs, and higher gasoline prices at the pump.”

District monies are used for staff salaries, office supplies, letterhead, mailings, and advertising or informational materials to help constituents with the workings of state government. If you have questions about state government, legislative proposals, or would like to sign up for legislative updates, please visit the online office at


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