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Henson Robinson Zoo Welcomes Three Baby Otters

The Springfield Park District announced the arrival of a trio of adorable otter pups at the Henson Robinson Zoo.

According to officials, the animal care team discovered the newborns during their routine morning inspections, nestled snugly beside their proud parents, Bobby and Noodle. The sex of each newborn is yet to be determined as staff is giving the new family some bonding time.

North American river otters are found throughout Canada and the United States. They are semi-aquatic mammals, with long, streamlined bodies, thick tapered tails, and short legs. Their dense, soft fur insulates them in the water. North American river otters can hold their breath for up to eight minutes and close their nostrils underwater.

Visitors eager to catch a glimpse of the adorable otter family can mark their calendars for April 6, the anticipated reopening day of the zoo's season. Meanwhile, under the watchful eyes of both parents and dedicated staff, the pups will continue to be nurtured and cared for in the cozy confines of their habitat.


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