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House Redistricting Spokesperson Tim Butler on Map Filed to Fix Democrat Violations

State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) issued the following statement after plaintiffs filed a legislative map with the court to remedy Democrats’ constitution violating map:

“As ordered by a federal court, plaintiffs filed a legislative map with the court that remedies Democrats’ violations of constitutionally-protected voting rights,” said Butler. “Last month the court declared that Democrats’ first legislative map was unconstitutional and directed the parties to submit plans to remedy violations of the federal Voting Rights Act asserted against Democrats’ second map. The plaintiffs’ remedial map increases the number of majority-Latino House districts within Cook County, as measured by citizen voting age population, from four under the Democrat map to eleven and adds a majority-Latino House district in Aurora. The remedial map also adds a majority-Black House district in the Metro East area. This remedial map will restore communities cracked by Democrats in their illegal attempt to keep a partisan advantage.”


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