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House Republicans Respond to Governor’s Address

Illinois House Republican lawmakers from across the state respond to the Governor’s State-of-the-State and Budget Address, below are a few excerpts:

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin The governor’s budget address is always a wish-list, and this year it’s clear that the governor wishes to be reelected. The budget laid out by Governor Pritzker today is packed with gimmicks and one-time tricks, but no structural reforms. The people of Illinois deserve a governor who will be honest and work to actually fix things like property taxes and out-of-control crime. Read more.

Representative Ryan Spain Today, Governor Pritzker presented an inflation budget that spends billions more than last year but does little to tackle key issues like rising crime. Inflation budgets are good for governments, but they are bad for people. Our families are paying exorbitant prices for the goods that they need, which leads to more government tax revenue. If Governor Pritzker wants to take credit for this budget, he must also take responsibility for the massive inflation we’re seeing in Illinois today. Read more. Representative Amy Elik It was just two years ago when Pritzker went all-in to support the graduated income tax hike and when it failed, he threatened Illinoisans with a large income tax increase or massive loss of services. And now during an election year, he is dangling tax cuts in the hopes that voters forget his desperation to increase taxes over the last couple of years? Keep in mind, his proposal is only temporary to get through the election, how about he support making these tax cuts permanent? But let us not forget Governor Pritzker signed 24 tax and fee increases into law since he first took office. I support less taxes, yet Illinoisans continue to pay more because of the flawed policies implemented by the Pritzker administration. Read more. Representative Jeff Keicher I am concerned about what we did not hear from the Governor today. We have not seen him take accountability for his administration’s ongoing failure to protect children in the care of the state at DCFS and the veterans in our care at the LaSalle Veterans Home. The Governor’s cynical attitude toward the burden of property taxes on working families and seniors on fixed incomes is also disappointing. Instead of dealing honestly with the need for lasting property tax relief, the Governor is offering one-time election year gimmicks based on Federal funding that is quickly evaporating in a high inflation environment. Read more. Representative Keith Wheeler The Governor’s over-reliance on federal COVID relief funding to plug holes in Illinois’ budget obscures the reality of how his policies continue to make the problem worse, not better. Case in point were his actions last year raising taxes on Illinois small businesses and job creators by $650 million, spending $1 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds on capital grants in Democrat-only districts, and standing idle while the state’s unemployment insurance trust fund to help displaced workers and their families through the pandemic faced a staggering deficit that has ballooned up to $4.5 billion. Millions of workers and thousands of businesses large and small across Illinois will have to make up the difference. Read more. Representative Dan Caulkins It is fitting that the Governor delivered his budget address on Feb 2, Groundhog Day. Despite the rosy spin he attempted to put on it, very little in this state has changed for Illinois families and businesses – except for perhaps their neighbors and customers fleeing at a record pace. Read more. Representative Mike Marron The Governor’s policies have led to soaring crime and tens of thousands of hard working families devastated by his unending executive orders, mandates, and shutdowns….None of the proposed temporary solutions offered today came from his own good fiscal management, but rather from a massive, one-time federal bailout. Read more.


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