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IDOT Releases Multi-Year Improvement Plan

IDOT’s Multi-Year Improvement Program, which covers fiscal years 2023-2028, is meant to serve as a planning document for the road improvements and other transportation spending to be undertaken by the State of Illinois during this six-year period. Like all such plans, this proposal is subject to change; it is rolled over annually, and so the final five years of this six-year plan will be revised versions of the plan set forth here.

Illinois spends billions of dollars on transportation infrastructure annually. In FY23, IDOT expects to spend $3.7 billion, which will be part of the $24.6 billion that will be spent through the entire length of the MYP. These moneys are spent to build new roads, expand existing highways, rebuild public ways of all sorts, and to build and rebuild bridges (an especially costly item). IDOT plans also include capital spending for railroad crossing safety improvements and carbon reduction initiatives. This includes transportation aid for non-motorized movement corridors such as trails and bike paths.

In the latest Multi-Year Improvement Program, IDOT promises to replace or rebuild 9,981,644 square feet of bridge deck area, and to provide funding to reconstruct or rehabilitate 2,562 miles of Illinois roads. This will include 381 miles of Illinois Interstate highways. Road and bridge closures and lane closures, especially during the summer construction season, will continue to be a fact of life throughout the term of this planning project.


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