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Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR Endorses Rodney Davis for Congress in 2022 Election

After meeting with and interviewing Rodney Davis and Mary Miller today in Springfield, local farmer trustees representing county Farm Bureaus in the 15th Congressional District are endorsing Rodney Davis for re-election to Congress in the 2022 Election.

“I’m proud to be a strong advocate for local farm families and rural Illinois communities in Congress,” said Rodney Davis. “There are major policy debates going on in Washington that have a big impact on rural life in the 15th District. Whether it’s tax policy, trade, the Renewable Fuel Standard, or the upcoming Farm Bill, local farmers need a strong voice who is committed to governing and getting results. I have a record of doing that in Congress. That’s why it’s such an honor to be endorsed by Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR for the fifth time. I will continue to be a leading Republican voice for Illinois Agriculture and local farmers.”

15th District ACTIVATOR® Chairman Terry Ferguson said, “Our trustees are proud to announce Representative Rodney Davis will receive the Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR endorsement. Rep. Davis has been a leading advocate for Illinois farmers. Not only has he been a voice for us on the two most recent Farm Bill conference committees, but over the years he has brought many agriculture leaders to the district to hear directly from us.

“Rising input costs, supply chain crises and opportunities to expand the biofuels market are areas that need to be addressed. We are confident Rodney is a fighter that will get the job done. Voters in the 15th congressional district should choose Rodney Davis.”

Local county Farm Bureau leaders meeting as trustees for Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR® – Illinois Farm Bureau’s political action committee – endorsed Rodney Davis for his outstanding voting record and many other efforts in the 117th Congress and previous sessions of Congress on behalf of local farmers.

Rodney Davis has been a true friend of Illinois agriculture while serving in Congress. He continues to lead efforts on behalf of Illinois Farm Bureau to improve the lives of Illinois Farm Bureau members. Davis has served as a Farm Bill conferee in 2013 and 2018, negotiating two successful Farm Bills that have provided critical crop insurance and safety net programs and improved other programs for farmers.

Davis was also a leader in trade negotiations in the House that resulted in the U.S. entering into force the USMCA trade agreement. He has also been an opponent of burdensome regulations like WOTUS and tax policy changes to the death tax and stepped-up basis. Davis co-chairs the House Biofuels Caucus and has been a strong voice for the interests of his constituents and farmers across Illinois who rely on a strong ethanol market.

Davis continues to encourage conversations among local Illinois Farm Bureau members by being readily available for meetings in the current 13th District, in the new 15th District, and in Washington D.C. Learn more about how Rodney Davis leads on Illinois’ Agriculture priorities in Congress here.

This is Davis’ fifth time he has been endorsed by Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR. He has received their endorsement every election since his first run in 2012. This endorsement will carry through both the 2022 Primary and General Elections.

Illinois Farm Bureau is the largest agriculture association in the state, representing 400,000 members and 3 out of every 4 farmers. They are a grassroots organization that reflects the views of Illinois’ farmers.


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