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Illinois Gas Prices Near Highest in Country

Illinois is one of more than ten U.S. states where gas prices are over five dollars per gallon.

The dismal news, already familiar to many motorists, was made official by the American Automobile Association (AAA) in their ongoing gas prices survey of the 50 states. Other states with gas prices above $5.00/gallon this week included Arizona, California, and Michigan. Motor fuel was slightly cheaper in the U.S. Southern states, but could not be bought for less than $4.25 a gallon anywhere. High prices for crude oil, and surging motorist demand in the traditional summer driving season, were blamed for the high gas prices.

The cost of gas is even higher within the Chicago area, especially the city of Chicago. State law allows the Chicago-area mass transit agency, most Chicago-area counties, Cook County, and the City of Chicago to level additional taxes on gasoline. Motor fuel was priced above $6.00/gallon in Chicago this week.


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