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Illinois Ranked as Least Tax-Friendly State

Kiplinger’s has ranked Illinois worst among the ten “least tax-friendly states for middle-class families.” The low Illinois ranking was based on our State’s income tax rates, sales tax rates, property tax burdens, and motor fuel tax charges. All four of these major tax burdens are higher in Illinois than in most American states.

Like most other surveys, Kiplinger’s found Illinois’ property tax bills to be the second highest in the U.S., behind New Jersey. If a hypothetical Illinois family bought a family home with a fair market value of $300,000, then after assessments and exemptions the home would have to pay an annual property tax bill of $6,219. For many Illinoisans, these property tax bills are bundled together with monthly mortgage payments to create a crushing burden on working families.

Illinois sales tax rates, counting the local sales taxes charged by counties, many municipalities, and at least two public transit taxing bodies, were #8 nationwide. Illinois’ 4.95% income tax charged upon personal income tied for eighth-highest among the 50 states. By contrast many other large U.S. states, headed by Florida and Texas, charge no state income tax at all. Illinois’ motor fuel tax rates are higher than the rates charged in neighboring states, leading to a familiar sight of streams of cars heading across state lines every day to buy motor fuel. Neighboring Missouri, by contrast, has one of the lowest motor fuel tax rates in the nation.


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