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Illinois Shoppers Pay More for Groceries

Illinois shoppers will see the return of the sales tax on groceries beginning July 1. After a temporary reprieve, the grocery tax will once again take effect, leaving consumers with higher bills at the checkout counter.

Senator Steve McClure, a vocal proponent for the permanent elimination of the grocery tax, expressed his deep disappointment in the lack of action during this legislative session. McClure said, "Families are still reeling from the impact of high inflation, and it is disheartening to see the Majority Party and the Governor turn a blind eye to their struggles."

Governor Pritzker temporarily relieved the state's sales tax in response to rising inflation, but food prices continue to climb. The consumer price index indicates a 7% increase in grocery prices over the past year, with expectations of further growth. Interestingly, Illinois stands out among the 10 most populous states as the only one imposing a grocery tax.

Pointing out the missed opportunity to pass Senate Bill 1150, which aimed to abolish the grocery tax and provide exemptions for essential medical items, McClure criticized the majority party for offering nothing more than "election-year gimmicks." And emphasized that the people of Illinois deserve genuine, long-term relief.


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