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Illinois State Fair Announces Mega and Jumbo Pass Holiday Sales

The Illinois State Fair is kicking off the holiday season with the annual Mega and Jumbo Pass holiday sale. For a limited time, you can save $30 off the purchase price.

The Illinois State Fair will be offering a Holiday Special on both passes November 21, 2022 through December 31, 2022. During this time the 2023 Mega Pass is just $60, while the Jumbo Pass will be offered at $70. The Mega Pass gives you unlimited rides in the Midway and Adventure Village, while the Jumbo Pass has the bonus of unlimited trips down the Giant Slide.

"Our priority is to make the Illinois State Fair affordable for families and there's no better bang for your buck than our holiday sale on the famous Mega and Jumbo Passes," said Illinois State Fair Manager, Rebecca Clark. "Other than the discounted price, the best part of wrapping up a Mega or Jumbo Pass is that it won't take up space in your house and be forgotten about a few weeks later."

Mega and Jumbo Passes will be available for purchase throughout the Fair. However, the price will increase to $70 for the Mega Pass and $80 for the Jumbo Pass on January 1 and increase to $90 and $100 beginning August 1.


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