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Illinois State Police Investigate Juvenile Detention Shooting

A suspect was shot by police following reports that he had shot someone and was holding the individual hostage at the Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Facility.

At 7:45 p.m. on Saturday, the Springfield Police received a distress call for an active shooter incident at the facility. Authorities were informed that the suspect was armed, had already injured one person, and was holding another hostage.

Upon arrival, officers located the armed suspect at the facility's entrance.

An officer discharged his weapon, striking the suspect, who was subsequently transported to HSHS St. John's Hospital and later confirmed dead by Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon.

Another person sustained gunshot wounds but has since received medical treatment and been released.

Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell says that all detainees held at the Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Center are being transferred to other juvenile detention facilities across the state. This relocation is necessary to accommodate the ongoing investigation by the Illinois State Police into the officer-involved shooting. According to Campbell, the ISP requires the detention center to be empty during their investigation.

Illinois State Police has said that once their investigation into the use of force during the incident has concluded, they will provide their findings to the Sangamon County State's Attorney for an independent review.


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