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Improvements Made to Adult Learners Program

The University of Illinois Springfield has enhanced its Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program to better meet the needs of adult learners who aspire to complete their college degree. These updates will make it easier for adult learners, particularly those with some previously earned college credit but no degree, to realize their educational and career aspirations.

“The liberal studies degree gives adult learners the ability to design individualized academic experiences both in person and online,” said UIS Chancellor Janet L. Gooch. “In most cases, students will be able to transfer their existing credits to UIS, building on the progress they have already made in order to complete their bachelor’s degree.”

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies has long been a distinctive program designed for students with diverse interests spanning multiple disciplines. With the newly implemented changes, UIS is reinforcing its commitment to empowering students to shape their academic journey while equipping them with valuable, in-demand skills.

Program enhancements include:

  1. Degree requirements and eligibility have been streamlined.

  2. A separate track for degree completion has been added, catering to adult learners possessing college credit but lacking a degree.

  3. Students now possess a greater ability to actively customize their personal degree pathway.

  4. Course university requirements and credit for prior learning can now be counted toward students' degrees.

  5. Students have the opportunity to seamlessly stack minors and/or other micro-credentials toward their degree, enhancing their employment skills.

“These changes will have a significant impact on adult learners’ ability to complete their bachelor’s degree at UIS,” said Vickie Cook, UIS vice chancellor for enrollment and retention management. “The liberal studies degree offers flexibility, which will allow the students to continue to work while finishing their degree.”


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