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Join Reps. Coffey and Rosenthal Live

In an effort to engage with their constituents and address concerns regarding the state budget and community issues, Reps Coffey and Rosenthal will host a joint tele-town hall meeting on June 14th at 6:00 p.m. This live event is open to residents of the 95th and 108th Districts, providing them with an opportunity to voice their opinions and discuss matters that affect their families and communities.

Following the adjournment of the recent spring legislation, Rep. Coffey expressed his commitment to transparency and accountability. "The taxpayers deserve to know how the FY2024 budget will impact their families. I will always remember I work for you, and not politician pay raises."

Rep. Rosenthal echoed concerns regarding the timing of the budget decisions. "At a time when family budgets are still strapped with inflation-induced price hikes, this is the wrong approach."

Constituents are encouraged to actively participate in the tele-town hall to share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions on state-related matters. The event will also offer a unique opportunity to gain insights from lawmakers about the 2023 Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly.

Residents of the 95th District can expect a phone call from Rep. Coffey's office on June 14th, which will connect them directly to the tele-town hall meeting. In case a call is not received, individuals are urged to join the meeting by dialing 888-231-5462 and following the provided prompts.

For any additional inquiries or questions about the event or other state issues, constituents may contact Rep. Coffey at 217-782-0053 or visit the official website at

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