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Keenan Named Director of Animal Control & Adoption Center

Sangamon County has named Jeanne Keenan as Director of Operations at the Animal Control and Adoption Center. Keenan previously served as the Interim Director since May 2022.

Under Keenan's interim leadership, the facility implemented sweeping policy and procedure changes recommended by the Veterinarians Advisory Panel. Those changes have resulted in increased resources for animal care, additional staffing, professional training for shelter staff and new volunteers and needed facility upgrades. The policy changes along with Keenan's leadership led to a significant reduction in the euthanasia of animals and an increase in new pet adoptions.

"Appointing Jeanne Keenan as Director of Sangamon County Animal Control is one of the best decisions that could be made to lead the facility into the new year and beyond, said President of WILD Canine Rescue, Jill Egizii, "Jeanne has made an incredible difference in her tenure as Interim Director. The results are evident just upon entering the facility. She is a leader that has formulated new and exciting ideas that staff, shelter animals, and the public witness each every day. Her leadership will allow SCACAC to achieve the gold standard of county facilities. A big WILD vote for Jeanne Keenan!"

Committed to community involvement and transparency, Keenan oversaw the reinstitution of the volunteer program with the goal of greater animal enrichment. The facility hosted a successful open house in December, welcoming hundreds of residents to tour the facility and adopt a new animal. Additionally, reports and facility data will be readily available to the public on the SCACAC website this week.

Kim Haller, a dedicated SCACAC Cat Volunteer, shared support, "I personally am a big fan of Jeanne Keenan's and have been incredibly impressed with the positive changes that have occurred during her time as Interim Director. Jeanne is a true animal lover who cares deeply about the quality of care provided to SCACAC animals. She also recognizes the importance of increasing adoptions and owner retention, and in rebuilding relationships with local rescue organizations. While I recognize that there is a great deal more to be accomplished, I wholeheartedly believe she is the right person for the job.”

Sangamon County Board Member, and Public Health Committee Chairman, James Schackmann said, "I am impressed by how quickly Jeanne earned the trust and respect of her staff, board members, and many of the animal advocates in our community. Jeanne has shown incredible dedication to her team, the facility, and, most importantly, the animals in our care.”


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