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LaHood Presses Treasury Secretary on Inflation

At this weeks House Ways and Means Committee hearing with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Congressman Darin LaHood pressed her on President Biden's economic agenda, the impact of inflation on working families in Illinois, and the harm of proposed tax hikes by the Biden Administration on costs for consumers.

"Two weeks ago, I attended an event put on by Americans for Prosperity at Beachler’s Gas Station in Peoria, IL where AFP paid the difference between the cost of gasoline today and $2.30, the price per gallon the day President Biden took office." Lahhod said, "It's now over $5.00 in Peoria. We had people lined up for hours. Literally five-mile-long lines. I talked to a lot of those folks who are single moms, working families, and low-income folks filling up gas. There was immense anxiety and fear about the state of our economy."


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