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Legacy of the Underground Railroad in Illinois

State Senator Doris Turner supported a measure to bring awareness to the history of the Underground Railroad in Illinois, which was signed into law last Friday. The law creates the Underground Railroad Task Force to develop a statewide plan connecting existing local projects and new initiatives. The task force aims to create a cohesive history of the Underground Railroad in Illinois, identify historical sites, and explore educational and tourism opportunities.

Turner emphasized the importance of recognizing Illinois' role in freeing slaves and the pioneers who fought for African American rights. The task force will paint a picture of the Underground Railroad's history in the state and introduce educational and tourism initiatives.

"We have to be able to tell our story," said Turner. "This was something I was proud to support. It will create opportunities for students to learn what happened right here in Illinois in the 1800s and be able to share our story to future generations for years to come."


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