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Making the Case for Domestic Energy Production

Inflation hit a new 40-year high at 9.1%. The average price of gasoline nationwide is $4.61. In gasoline costs alone, Americans are estimated to be paying an additional $5,000 more a year than last year.

The commonsense solution to curb rising fuel costs should be to increase American domestic energy production. Instead, the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats are curtailing our production of our energy resources. In their latest move of backwards policies, the Department of the Interior’s draft 5-year oil and gas lease sale plan opens up the possibility of there being no sales at all.

And while his administration continues its assault on American energy production, President Biden is flying across the globe to beg Saudi Arabia for increased oil production. His policies are putting America last.

To highlight this important issue and also discuss solutions to drive down U.S. energy costs, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Several Representatives held a roundtable to hear directly from American energy producers on what can be done to boost domestic production.

Joining the Members were Mike Gooding, the President of San Joaquin Facilities Management, Inc; Tom Jorden, President and CEO of Coterra; Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Public and Government Affairs of Devon Energy; Joe Leimkuhler, COO of Beacon Offshore Energy; and Steve Pruett, President and CEO of Elevation Resources.

They all agreed, it's critical that President Biden takes every action he can to increase domestic oil and gas production and increase our country’s long-term energy production capabilities. That means reducing regulatory barriers and ending his administration’s war on domestic energy production.


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