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Mary Miller Voted With the Squad to Defund Our Military

Miller teamed up with Bernie Sanders, AOC, and other far-left Democrats to oppose our defense budget at a time when America’s national security is at risk

Taylorville, IL — Enemies of the United States of America are on the march worldwide, and Congresswoman Mary Miller voted to defund our military. Who did Miller join in her vote to defund the military? Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “AOC,” and other Democrat members of the far-left socialist “Squad.”

“Russia and China are on the march, and Mary Miller voted with the Squad to defund our military. We have an immigration crisis at our southern border, and Mary Miller voted with the Squad against sending federal resources to help secure our border. We have troops deployed overseas in harm’s way, and Mary Miller voted with the Squad against giving them a pay raise. Mary Miller is unfit to serve in Congress.” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson Background: Congress has no greater responsibility than providing for the common defense of our country. Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution outlines the powers of Congress to declare war and raise and maintain our military.

For 61 consecutive years, Congress has reached bipartisan, bicameral agreement to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense budget which funds our military and establishes Department of Defense (DOD) policies. Here are just a few global threats that exist today and how the defense budget addresses them to protect our national security: Russia Invades Ukraine, Threatens the U.S. and Europe Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, Putin has made threats to the United States and European nations. The NDAA funds lethal military aid to Ukraine and Russian deterrence initiatives in Europe, including troop deployments in NATO member-countries and military training to allies, and more.

China Saber-Rattles With Taiwan, Expands Influence Worldwide China is continuing their march worldwide. They continue to violate Taiwan’s airspace and threaten unification-by-force of the two countries. The NDAA funds Chinese deterrence initiatives in the Pacific, establishes deeper cooperation with Taiwan, requires DOD to phase out supply chain reliance on China, and more.

Iran Continues Their Pursuit of a Nuclear Weapon, Sponsors Terrorism Iran is one of the largest funders of terrorism worldwide, and they are continuing their pursuit of a nuclear weapon. The NDAA limits the ability of the Biden Administration to lift sanctions on Iran and funds counter-terror operations across the globe.

ISIS Attempts a Comeback in Afghanistan With the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan after President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal, ISIS terrorists are attempting a comeback and using Afghanistan to create a foothold. The NDAA prohibits DOD from providing financial support to the Taliban and funds counter-terror operations across the globe. It also forces the Biden Administration to report to Congress on the withdrawal from Afghanistan, including a plan to extract Americans who still remain.

Immigration Crisis at the Southern Border Since President Biden has taken office, millions of illegal immigrants have attempted to enter our country illegally at the southern border, many of them successfully. Along with illegal immigration, dangerous narcotics like fentanyl have been coming across the border as well. The NDAA funds the National Guard, including deployments at the border, and also funds coordination with law enforcement on counter-narcotics and counter-cartel operations. In addition to responding to national security threats, the defense budget also gives a 2.7% pay raise for our troops. You can read more about defense funding and policies in the NDAA here.

WCIA 3’s Mark Maxwell reported on Miller’s vote against the defense budget back in December.

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