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Massive Carp Caught in Illinois River

A commercial netting crew operating near Morris on the Illinois River has made an extraordinary catch, reeling in a colossal 109-pound carp. The remarkable find, shared via a Facebook post by the Illinois River Biological Station, follows the capture of a 90-pound carp in the same vicinity just a day earlier. These incidents shed light on the abundance of large fish species found in Illinois' waterways.

Since 1943, Illinois holds the record for the largest fish ever captured within its waters—a massive 310-pound lake sturgeon discovered in Lake Michigan. Other catches include a 124-pound blue catfish from the Mississippi River in 2005 and a 78-pound flathead catfish from Carlyle Lake in 1995.

Illinois harbors an impressive diversity of fish, with 196 species across 77 genera and 28 families. The state is also home to 14 endangered fish species protected from capture. Though 9 species have become extirpated, numerous popular freshwater fish, such as largemouth bass, walleye, and smallmouth bass, continue to thrive in Illinois waters.


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