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McClure Legislation Honors Fallen Trooper

Illinois State Senator Steve McClure has passed legislation that will leave a lasting legacy for the late Trooper Todd Hanneken. The bill designates a section of Route 121 as the "Trooper Todd Hanneken Memorial Highway."

Trooper Hanneken, an esteemed graduate of Mt. Zion High School and Illinois State University, dedicated his life to serving his community and state. Tragically, his life was cut short in a car accident on March 25th, 2021, while serving as a second-generation state trooper.

With the passing of Senate Joint Resolution 28, the stretch of Route 121 from the Macon-Moultrie County line to Route 36 in Decatur will forever bear the name of Trooper Todd Hanneken, ensuring that his selflessness and dedication are not forgotten.

The announcement was met with heartfelt gratitude from Hanneken's widow, Michelle Jean "Shelley" Hillman, who expressed her family's appreciation to Senator McClure, Representative Caulkins, and all those involved in ensuring the adoption of the resolution. Hillman believes that the road passing through her late husband's hometown is the ideal location to honor his memory, given his unwavering commitment to the community.

“Trooper Hanneken dedicated his life to serving his community and his state,” said Senator McClure. “It’s important to honor his service and dedication, so he can continue to inspire others.”

In addition to his exemplary service as a state trooper, Hanneken was cherished by his loved ones and held in high regard by his peers. His integrity, service, and pride were unwavering, and he leaves behind a legacy that continues to inspire.


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