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McClure Supports Tax Credit for Volunteer Firefighters

Senator McClure and fire department officials recently gathered at the Capitol to rally for the passage of legislation aimed at alleviating the critical shortage of volunteer fire and EMS workers in Illinois. The proposal, modeled after successful legislation in New York, centers around providing a $500 state income tax credit to volunteer emergency workers earning less than $10,000 in stipends for their service.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Senator McClure emphasized the need for immediate action. He referenced a recent tragedy in his senate district, where a major pileup on Interstate 55 claimed seven lives and left numerous others injured. McClure acknowledged the crucial role played by volunteer first responders, who risked their lives under treacherous circumstances to minimize the loss of life. The proposed legislation aims to support these brave individuals, ensuring their continued ability to keep communities safe.

Margaret Vaughn, the Government Affairs Director for the Illinois Firefighters Association, shed light on the severity of the issue, stating that many fire officials have expressed concerns about insufficient staffing during day shifts. She recounted an incident where a fire chief responded to a 100-unit apartment fire, a situation that ideally required 30 firefighters according to NFPA standards, yet only five were available. This ongoing crisis poses risks not only to public safety but also to the firefighters themselves.

The tax credit proposal seeks to alleviate the financial burdens faced by volunteer firefighters, compensating them for their commitment to training and combating fires. Senator McClure hopes that this incentive will encourage more individuals to step forward and serve as volunteer firefighters, addressing the pressing shortage and ensuring the safety of Illinois communities.

As the legislation moves forward, the collaboration between Senator McClure and fire department officials serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions made by volunteer emergency workers and the urgent need to support them in their vital roles.


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